Takumi Amaterasu (sunlit_gryphon) wrote in 3751_musebox,
Takumi Amaterasu

Emissary to the Wind and Sun [Pre-canon New Vision + Trinity Blood]

Underneath the golden domes, created by the crystals which towered against the sky, was the impressive fortress, estates, and holdings of the House Amaterasu and their sister House, L'Kromel. Amaterasu was one of the most powerful and influential Houses among the demons of the Underworld, so much so that they could subjugate a House like L'Kromel and combine their holdings. However, in recent years, there were murmurings that Amaterasu was losing its power. Such rumors were those their current Lord, the young Katsumi, hoped to dispel.

He was a brilliant tactician, but did not aim for the title of General. No, the young Lord was clearly aiming for a position among the Lord High Marshals. His brothers were also brilliant and talented; the second son of the late Akihiko Amateratsu had achieved already a high rank within the Dark Avenging Wind Army. Many heard of Masanori's good fortune and skills on the battlefield. Perhaps, some day, he would be general.

Yet with the grumblings given around the House, it was clear they needed allies now more than ever. There would be an emissary from a strange world, currently negotiating with the Avenging Wind Army for power and prestige, due to their subjugation by the inferior humans upon their world. The castle hold was done up brilliantly in golds and blues, colors of the House. The youngest son of Lord Akihiko was waiting with an honor guard and wearing full regalia, hoping to great the young Lord and his entourage.

Yasuhiro was a patient boy, and well-trained even at thirteen. And he knew it would be rather dangerous, for both his House and himself, if he failed in this task this afternoon. There was something else afoot in his House, he knew. He was calm, but inwardly cautious. Just what did Katsumi plan?
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