Sergei Smirnov (sergeinotvodka) wrote in 3751_musebox,
Sergei Smirnov

[Closed with Michael]

"Sir, the prisoner has woken up. Do you wish to interrogate him now?"

Colonel Smirnov looked up from the data pad the private had given him and nodded, hitting the button to make the holo screen turn sideways and vanish. "Take me there now, thank you," he said, getting to his feet and giving the hem of his uniform jacket a tug. Interrogating prisoners was never pleasant, and he wanted nothing so much as to get it over with. Ever since the A-Laws had been formed, the number of prisoners taken had doubled, if not tripled, and many of them were fobbed off on the regular army to process.

Which meant that most of the prisoners transferred to the base where Smirnov currently was stationed were of little value and had done nothing wrong.

This one, for example, had been arrested simply for being in the vicinity of a major battle between the three Gundams of Celestial Beings that had false GN drives, and an unknown. The boy had been badly injured with some kind of gut wound, probably by shrapnel, in the battle, and had been transferred here still in the medical pod. He'd likely have nothing of use to say.

Smirnov let the private lead him down to the prison cell and unlocked the door, stepping inside to regard the prisoner, who was handcuffed to a chair.
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