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[Den-O & Yuri]

Ryoutarou skidded to a halt in the doorway of the hospital room just in time to see the last of the shining green light fade as the two halves of the man in the bed rejoined. The Imagin's contract holder lay stunned and gasping, and the heart monitor was going wild.

*Aaargh, crap! It already flew!*

*Ryoutarou, hurry, the nurses will be here any moment to check on him with the way that alarm is going off. As much as I'd love to stay and sink my hooks...*

*Never mind that, perverted turtle! If you don't go now I think that old bastard's gonna die!*

It was true, the man in the bed was in very poor health. He was so elderly his skin was a translucent mass of age-spotted wrinkles, and his silver hair so thin Ryoutarou could see his scalp. As he hurried to the bed and held out a blank ticket, the stranger opened shockingly blue eyes. Startled, Ryoutarou realized the man wasn't Japanese at all.

The ticket flashed and writing formed on it, showing the date of the memory the Imagin had flown to. "Do you remember anything about this... eh?" Ryoutarou broke off in the middle of his usual question, staring at the numbers on the card. 1914/08/23. "So long ago?"

"That day..." the man's voice was hardly more than a whisper, cracked and wavering, his eyes distant as he remembered. "That day, I saw the demon of Domremy. We were supposed to invade the town, but when I saw that monster flying over the church, I turned and ran. I have been running ever since, but by God's grace I had never seen another demon - until today."

*How strange. He ran away from an Imagin? But it can't be the one that just went back, that doesn't make any sense.*

*Either way, it is our duty to stop all the Imagin from rampaging!*

"We'll worry about this one first, and then check and make sure there isn't another one hanging around," Ryoutarou declared. He slipped the ticket into his Rider Pass and flipped it closed. With a roar the DenLiner sped past in the hallway, and Ryoutarou turned and threw himself back through the hospital room's door.

When he emerged he was standing in a forest of unfamiliar trees, on the edge of a valley were a small Western town was nestled. Rising above the rest of the buildings on a hill was a church - and soaring above it there was indeed a massive black winged monster, completely unlike the red-armoured crab Imagin he'd been chasing.

Speaking of which - screams sounded from nearby in the forest, and a moment later an explosion rocked the earth. More screams followed, and Ryoutarou ran towards the sound of the fight. In a clearing nearby he found the Imagin, and a troop of terrified German soldiers. Presumably one of them was the contract holder whose memory they were in.

Never mind that, now. If he didn't stop the two Imagin from rampaging, it would be a disaster. This far back in time, they could potentially do a lot more damage than just destroying a few buildings or causing some people to disappear.
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Yuri heard the screaming before he saw the explosion, and in a moment he was arrowing towards the confusion. Amon's wings spread wide to slow him as he grew close, and the shadow that fell on the soldiers must have looked as if it blotted out the moon. One man broke away at the sight of him and fled, screaming.

"Fucking cowards," Yuri snarled silently. "Attacking during the night. And this is a defenseless town, too."

He threw a ball of energy at a small platoon of soldiers, and watched with satisfaction as they scattered.


March 29 2010, 04:05:37 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  March 29 2010, 04:06:07 UTC

"Look out!" Ryoutarou shouted as he saw the other Imagin aiming an energy blast of some kind at the soldiers. Unfortunately his warning came too late - and they probably wouldn't have been able to understand him, anyway, he realized belatedly.

The shock of the blast knocked him off his feet, and he rolled behind a tree to use as shelter. Peering out past the trunk, he saw the crab Imagin scrambling back onto its feet.

"Oi! This is my time," it shouted, shaking a clawed hand at the second Imagin. "I completed the contract, so I'm the one that gets to rampage! Go find your own!" A massive burst of energy shot out from its claw, aimed straight at the other Imagin.

*What the hell? They're fighting each other?*

*Let them reel each other in. Less work for us, ne?*
Yuri saw the demon a second later, just in time to avoid a direct hit from the energy burst.

"Ah fuck," he swore, spinning through the air in the wake of the shock wave, and then arrowing down towards the ground. He landed, shaking the ground with Amon's weight, and slashed at the crab demon with one massive taloned claw.

That demon was powerful. He had to get rid of it before he could focus on the soldiers.
The new Imagin was heavy, apparently. The ground shook as it landed, and Ryoutarou nearly fell over again.

*Oi! Shouldn't you transform?*

*It might draw their attention, though.*

*Yeah, so that's the point! I want to fight, not sit here!*

"I think Urataros has the right idea, let's see what they do for now," Ryoutarou whispered, still watching intently.

It might only have been the contract holder who'd run away in the past when confronted with a demon, but with the destructive Imagin added into the mix, all of them appeared to decide it was better to retreat. Only the crab was left in the clearing, and it ducked aside as Amon struck at it. The blow landed on its hard shell, making it laugh.

"You'll have to do better than that," it taunted. "You don't scare me!" It stabbed out with its pincer, clearly intending to skewer Amon through the chest.
Amon wasn't done yet, though. He grabbed the pincer in one hand and yanked in a sharp motion. With a stomach-churning ripping sound, the pincer was torn from the crab's body.

Amon laughed, a low rumbling sound like the grinding of mountains and the rumble of a volcano. "Pathetic," the god intoned, and blasted the crab right in the face.

The white light curled around the crab this time, and when it released it, the crab dropped to the ground, red as if it had been boiled in its shell. Amon moved close, so Yuri could absorb the creature's soul, unaware that there was a single entity still watching them, who hadn't fled.
Ryoutarou's eyes went wide, and for a single moment there was silence as the Taros absorbed what had just happened.

Of course, it couldn't last. *What the fucking hell was that?*

*I'd think you'd be excited, senpai. After all, it's a strong opponent for you.*

*Wai, I wanna play!*

*Oh no you, don't brat! This is my fight!*

Scrambling to his feet, Ryoutarou grabbed for his Rider Belt and whipped it around his waist. No matter who won the argument about who would get to fight, it was certain that he would never be able to beat an Imagin this strong without changing into Den-O.

Lifting his Rider Pass, he prepared to swipe it over the buckle. "Henaaaah!" He tripped on a branch and went tumbling into the clearing, in full view of the Imagin. Worse, the Rider Pass flew out of his hand and landed out of reach, and he was still himself.

Sprawled on his back, he looked up at the monster with wide eyes.
Amon had just absorbed the demon's soul when someone tumbled headlong into the clearing. He turned and regarded the boy with unfathomable eyes, but inwardly Yuri was staring with shock.

That wasn't any of the Domremy residents, that was for sure. And he wasn't one of the soldiers, either.

He hesitated for a moment, then transformed in a flash of light back into his own form.

"You okay?" he asked, stomping over to the guy and looking down at him.


March 29 2010, 04:44:53 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  March 29 2010, 05:07:21 UTC

If it was possible, Ryoutarou's eyes widened even further when the monster suddenly turned into an ordinary man a few years older than he was. "Ehhhh? You... can you be... a contract holder?"

Had the Imagin been possessing this man in this time, to fulfill a contract? Had the Imagin even existed this long ago? The man didn't seem in the least concerned that he'd been a monster a moment before, and that was unusual.

*Let me handle this!*

*Momotaros, wait...* But it was too late. By the time the words were out of his mouth, it wasn't his mouth anymore.

Now in possession of the body, Momotaros leapt to his feet in one easy movement. "I," he jerked his thumb at his chest, then spread his arms in a dramatic pose, "have arrived!"

Although to most people nothing would have seemed to change except Ryoutarou's attitude, Momotaros was more muscled, his face wider and more aggressive-looking, and there was a red streak in his spiked-back hair.
Yuri didn't immediately notice the change in the kid's features, but he did notice him jump to his feet. And the fact that he didn't seem scared anymore, which was a good thing. Hopefully.

"Yeah, I saw that. You landed on your ass. It was pretty obvious," Yuri said wryly. "So who the hell are ya? You're not from around here."
Momotaros' eyes narrowed, and he took a step forward to crowd Yuri's space. "Asshole. Are you mocking me?" He noticed Yuri's eyes, as red as his own even in the moonlight, and he growled. "You're still possessing that poor bastard, aren't you? Let me tell you now, from start to finish I'm always at climax! I'll beat you so hard I'll knock you into last week!"

*Haha, that's no good! If he goes further back, you won't be able to beat him!*

"Huh? Oh, that's true," Momotaros said, momentarily distracted. He frowned, then shook his fist at Yuri again. "All right, then I'll beat you so hard I'll break every bone in your body!"

*Momotaros, you can't! He's possessing someone, you'll hurt them as well!*

"Aaargh!" Momotaros smacked his fist into his palm, his expression irritated. "Will you all just shut up and let me fight?"
Yuri stood his ground at first, but when the guy started talking to himself, he took a good, large step back and settled into a defensive stance. That was just plain weird, and either way, it looked like he was about to get into another fight.

"Hey!" he snapped. "I'm not possessing anyone, so what the hell is your problem?"

He ignored the fact that anyone would probably be shocked that he'd turned into a demon. The fact was, he didn't appreciate being treated like, like, well... a demon!

Then he frowned. "Hey, what happened to your hair?"
"Don't change the subject," Momotaros insisted, still glaring for all he was worth. "Do you have any idea who you're dealing with? Obviously you're possessing that guy, no human's eyes are that red!" Ignoring the fact that his own were just as red. If this was an Imagin, it would certainly be able to tell that he was one as well.

Although... oddly, come to think of it, he couldn't smell any trace of Imagin in the clearing other than the fading scent of the crab. It was an unmistakable scent, at least to him. "What the hell? You don't smell like an Imagin. What are you?"

*Imagin or not, he must be stopped. Time must not be interfered with!*

*But Kin-chan, if he's not an Imagin, then stopping him might BE interfering with time. If he belongs here, then we're the intruders.*

*We can't just leave him to attack the town! They have no way of defending themselves!*

"Nobody is leaving anybody to attack the damned town," Momotaros snapped.
Yuri was getting pissed off, and he brought his hands up with fists clenched, glaring at the other man. He'd just dismiss the guy as totally bugfuck nuts, but he seemed to be threatening Yuri, and he'd just said something about attacking his town!

He couldn't just let this be.

"What the fuck is an Imagin? And who are you talking to!?" Yuri demanded angrily.
"None of your damned business!" Momotaros retorted. "Either way, don't think I'm going to just stand by and let you hurt these people."

He glanced around quickly, searching for the Rider Pass, and cursed under his breath when he saw that it had landed on the far side of the clearing, and the possessed guy was between him and it. Why did Ryoutarou have to have such abominable bad luck to go along with his utter lack of sense?

No matter, he could handle this guy, as long as he didn't turn back into a monster. The trick would be keeping the battle from spilling over onto the town - already one of the buildings had been destroyed by the Imagin earlier, though nobody had come out of their house to see what was going on. Probably wisely afraid of the monster.
"Who's gonna hurt anybody?" Yuri exclaimed, throwing his hands up in frustration. "You just show up here and attack me for no reason, and you're accusing me of hurting people!?"

He pointed a gloved finger at the dead crab. "Who killed the demon? Me!" Then he pointed in the direction the soldiers had run. "Who chased off the soldiers who were gonna torch my town? Me!"

He settled into the stance again, beginning to bob from foot to foot. "But if you really want to take me on, then bring it. Asshole."
*How strange. This doesn't make any sense at all.*

*Doesn't it? What exactly are the four of us doing, then?*

*You think he's a singularity point trying to protect time, too?*

*Why not? They must have existed before the modern age. Though I didn't realize Imagin could go this far back without completing a contract, in which case they wouldn't be interested in forming another.*

"What the hell difference does it make? I'm still gonna beat his ass," Momotaros declared, and set himself to charge.

*Momotaros, no, wait!*

Ryoutarou threw himself back into his body, forcing the Imagin out and regaining control. He stumbled to a halt after only three steps, barely kept his balance, and bowed. "I'm sorry! Please, excuse me. I think there's been a misunderstanding." Tentatively he peeked up, hoping he hadn't made a huge mistake and given the other man an opening to kill him.
Yuri heard the aggressive words - though he had to repress the urge to look around and try to figure out who the crazy kid was talking to - and saw him launch himself towards him. He pulled one fist back, ready to meet the attack with a flying fist.

When the kid stumbled, and started to apologize, Yuri was already committed. Ryoutarou looked up just in time to be socked in the mouth by one leather-clad fist.

Yuri blinked, realizing belatedly that the kid had actually been stopping.

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