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[Den-O & Yuri]

Ryoutarou skidded to a halt in the doorway of the hospital room just in time to see the last of the shining green light fade as the two halves of the man in the bed rejoined. The Imagin's contract holder lay stunned and gasping, and the heart monitor was going wild.

*Aaargh, crap! It already flew!*

*Ryoutarou, hurry, the nurses will be here any moment to check on him with the way that alarm is going off. As much as I'd love to stay and sink my hooks...*

*Never mind that, perverted turtle! If you don't go now I think that old bastard's gonna die!*

It was true, the man in the bed was in very poor health. He was so elderly his skin was a translucent mass of age-spotted wrinkles, and his silver hair so thin Ryoutarou could see his scalp. As he hurried to the bed and held out a blank ticket, the stranger opened shockingly blue eyes. Startled, Ryoutarou realized the man wasn't Japanese at all.

The ticket flashed and writing formed on it, showing the date of the memory the Imagin had flown to. "Do you remember anything about this... eh?" Ryoutarou broke off in the middle of his usual question, staring at the numbers on the card. 1914/08/23. "So long ago?"

"That day..." the man's voice was hardly more than a whisper, cracked and wavering, his eyes distant as he remembered. "That day, I saw the demon of Domremy. We were supposed to invade the town, but when I saw that monster flying over the church, I turned and ran. I have been running ever since, but by God's grace I had never seen another demon - until today."

*How strange. He ran away from an Imagin? But it can't be the one that just went back, that doesn't make any sense.*

*Either way, it is our duty to stop all the Imagin from rampaging!*

"We'll worry about this one first, and then check and make sure there isn't another one hanging around," Ryoutarou declared. He slipped the ticket into his Rider Pass and flipped it closed. With a roar the DenLiner sped past in the hallway, and Ryoutarou turned and threw himself back through the hospital room's door.

When he emerged he was standing in a forest of unfamiliar trees, on the edge of a valley were a small Western town was nestled. Rising above the rest of the buildings on a hill was a church - and soaring above it there was indeed a massive black winged monster, completely unlike the red-armoured crab Imagin he'd been chasing.

Speaking of which - screams sounded from nearby in the forest, and a moment later an explosion rocked the earth. More screams followed, and Ryoutarou ran towards the sound of the fight. In a clearing nearby he found the Imagin, and a troop of terrified German soldiers. Presumably one of them was the contract holder whose memory they were in.

Never mind that, now. If he didn't stop the two Imagin from rampaging, it would be a disaster. This far back in time, they could potentially do a lot more damage than just destroying a few buildings or causing some people to disappear.
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