Zechs Marquise (thricedeadwind) wrote in 3751_musebox,
Zechs Marquise

GW/Toward the Terra crossover Verse

The Antarctic was bitterly cold, even after war had torn through and desolated the Earth. Yet, in the way all deserts would be, it was relatively untouched by the ruins and terrible scarring most of the planet had fared. Few humans ever came here still, for science had taken a back seat in the theatre of exploration in favor of fields concerning warfare. It was a blind spot in the blanket the Supercomputer had thrown over humanity's eyes. It was perfect for Zechs' purposes.

After overthrowing the Alliance for Treize's OZ and Romefeller, and freeing the Sanq kingdom, Zechs had been adrift, somehow. Noin said he was without focus, especially as she observed how little had changed between the two regimes. Treize said they must move slowly. They couldn't overcome the computer's hold on people overnight. But Zechs always had his doubts, and with the appearance of the Gundams? Zechs became obsessed, perhaps dangerously so.

If it was discovered he was rebuilding the enemy's weapon here, he would be finished. A traitor to OZ and the Supercomputer alike. Yet Zechs was entirely focused on the Gundams and their pilots, and had thrown himself into rebuilding Wing with religious passion. What were the pilots like? What was their mission? What were their goals, their convictions?

Even his most trusted men, those who helped him rebuild the machine, murmured.
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