R. Dorothy Wayneright (alloyed_aedon) wrote in 3751_musebox,
R. Dorothy Wayneright

Paradigm City (voicepractice for boxu <3 )

[ the sky is dark with clouds, though it's clear it's daytime. in the far distance, futuristic domes - like they're out of Logan's Run or something - pop up in the middle of the skyline. A very familiar skyline, were it not for the domes. ]

[ and on this street? for all intents and purposes, to anyone from twenty-first century Earth, it looks like an typical street set in a rather dreary movie in an abandoned New York city. ]

[ not quite abandoned. Far off, cars can be heard. But this part is clearly empty. Stray papers blow across the streets ]

[ the main building of interest is the ... library? in the foreground. Except the word 'library' has been removed from the concrete sign before it ... ]
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